Discovering Azad Kashmir Channel

This channel is all about Travels to Azad Kashmir, which lies in North East of Pakistan, bordering with India, Afghanistan, Russia and China. Azad Kashmir is small part of ‘Jammu and Kashmir’ or as known by the world as ‘KASHMIR’. The larger part of Kashmir is in Indian Occupation because

during the Partition of India in 1947, by the British Empire, the Indian invading forces landed from south of Kashmir and occupied large chunk of land before the Pakistan defending forces arrived  from North side of the Princely state of Jammu & Kashmir and thus managed only to protect the now Azad Kashmir, Gilgit and Baltistan. Both countries fought several wars on this issue. UN brokered ceasefire and peace holds on the Line of Control which separates Kashmir. Both countries mutually agreed to hold a referendum and let the people of both sides decide whom they wish to accede.


However, people in Azad Kashmir formed their own independent government and hold free elections every five years. They move freely worldwide without any restrictions from Pakistan. While on the other side the Indians have suspended free movement of people and deprived them of basic human rights.

Well let’s come to Azad Kashmir. So, what does Azad Kashmir mean. The word ‘Azad’ means ‘free Kashmir’. The people are truly free to go anywhere and do whatever they wish. This is why people from Azad Kashmir have a large diaspora abroad in countries like UK, USA, Canada, EU, Australia as well as in East Asian countries.


The capital of Azad Kashmir is Muzaffarabad. It has population of 12.5 Million spread over an area of 5134 sq. Miles. It has 10 Districts, distinct in their topography and culture.

The major Cities of Azad Kashmir include Mirpur, Kotli, Rawalakot, Palandri, Tarar Khal, Bagh and Kel.

There are many diverse indigenous communities such as Bakarwals, Gujars, Sudhans, Rajputs, Jaats and minorities.

There are two entry points from Pakistan. One from Jhelum-Mirpur and the Other Kohala-Murree.


Azad Kashmir has many historical landmarks, Forests, Forts, Lakes, Rivers, and many other attractions besides its luscious landscape.

There are variety of adventurous activities to enjoy, such as Skiing in Skardu, Rafting in Neelum River, Trekking in Leepa Valley.


Wildlife fans have plenty to explore in national forest of Pir-Lasurra and Deosai.

Its most popular attractions are the Mangla Dam, Banjosa Lake, Icy Neelum River, Hill points of Pir-Chinasi, Ratti-Gali, and Arang- Kel and many more.


The Buddhist religions first school of thought lies in Sharda which invites thousands of Buddhists across the world to Azad Kashmir every year.


The best part of touring Azad Kashmir is the low-priced accommodation, tasty foods and handicrafts that make every trip affordable.


Why don’t you make this channel your ultimate companion and Platform to provide you a close encounter with Azad Kashmir’s culture.

We hope you enjoy every moment of your trip in Azad Kashmir for the rest of your life


Note: Foreign Visitors need a Visa for Pakistan and a No object Certificate (NoC) from Pakistan Foreign office in Islamabad, before they begin their trip.

They must Keep their documents available for inspection when required during their trip.